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tv   Headline News  RT  May 7, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the united states appears to be a step closer to training syrian rebels with a bill right now within the halls of congress all of this despite u.n. suspicions that opposition fighters have resorted to the use of chemical. and all of the top u.s. diplomat heads to russia. unlikely to convince moscow that the militarization of the conflict will bear any fruit. eastwood's as a strange palestinian and israeli leaders rush to china's favor in beijing rolling out the red carpet for a. million dollar deal. forces
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major candidates into the shadows to give up winning over voters on the campaign trail in favor of survival. news live from moscow this is on t.v. with me and it's good to have you with us today. bill allowing the united states to provide arms and training to syrian rebel factions is now circulating in congress the motion is based on allegations the leadership in damascus has resorted to the use of chemical weapons in the country's long lasting civil war despite the u.n. claims it's the rebels who may have deployed and legal agents and not the government reporting from washington r.t. correspondent. washington is inching closer to arming the rebels this monday the
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chairman of the senate foreign relations committee introduced a bill that would provide weapons to quote some varied groups of syrian rebels the bill would also give the u.s. government the power to sanction any individual who sells or transfers military equipment weapons or oriel to the syrian government the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee also said the u.s. must act to tip the scales in favor of the opposition so we see washington trying to decide the outcome of the civil war in syria the idea or i mean the rebels has been floating in washington for a while now last week the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said the administration was rethinking its opposition to arming the rebels if the bill comes to the president's desk he may actually sign it into law critics in the meantime say flooding syria with more weapons could only lead to more bloodshed this monday the white house is basically brushed off the latest findings of the u.n. human rights commission wish that the syrian rebels may have used the deadly sarin
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nerve gas here is a leading u.n. investigators saying she was quote stupefied by the evidence chemical weapons were used in particular. in what was. what appear on. to our investigation that was used by openings by the rebels and we have no no indication at tool that the government authority of the syrian government has used chemical weapons but i was happy to be stupefied that. the first the first indication we got they were about the use of neverin gas by the opening too that the white house said we find it highly likely that chemical weapons if they were in fact used in syria and there certainly evidence that they weren't that the our side was. symbol end of quote so it seems that the white house is dismissive of evidence that could suggest
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the use of chemical weapons by the rebels by the way after this statement by the un human rights investigator make headlines all over the world the commission issued a cautious press release saying it has not reached conclusive findings us to the use of chemical weapons in syria by any parties to the conflict it left many wondering whether the commission was trying to walk back on their own statements on their own findings due to the political sensitivity of the issue. correspondent john h. to kind there in washington joseph the national secretary of the u.s. socialist equality party he believes lawmakers from both sides are determined to push through the motion which would ultimately see the syrian rebels to the team within the political establishment here in the united states the democrats or republicans are basically united on. an escalation there perhaps divided on how that may be carried out the particular pretext that may be employed but i think
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it's quite likely that they are going ahead with the allies of the united states in syria and the so-called rebels including you know islamic fundamentalist organizations aligned with al-qaeda and of course the united states as well they you know they officially have criticized the some of these forces the islamic fundamentalists in syria have in fact been arming them through their allies through saudi arabia and qatar have been funneling weapons to these organizations as part of their effort to unseat the assad government this is under conditions in which you have these revelations from the united nations that the central pretext upon which they're basing this school a shim is for the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government and then really exploded. meanwhile tension is escalating on syria's western border after is ready warplanes bombed targets in side the war torn state just last week and damascus has
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reportedly given the go ahead for palestinian groups to carry out and see israeli operations in the golan heights and missile batteries also have said to be deployed to the region ready for imminent retaliate in case of a new israeli strike now a media report suggests that special syrian lebanese units have been created to find israeli aggression in the area or through an historian gerald horne he believes the israeli attacks have placed the entire region on the brink of war their calculation is that true well they have unleashed in syria ultimately we can palestinian resistance of light of the fact that damascus has been a prime supporter of palestinian resistance and allowing attacks on to is really true tori from the golan heights is a small price to pay in that context i'm afraid that we are on the threshold of a regional war keep in mind that has a loss of leadership announced just
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a few days ago that they would not allow the regime to fall in damascus keep in mind as well that both hezbollah and the iranians have issued gurrey strong warnings to the rebels not to desecrate shia shrines in syria and apparently that is what has happened in the last forty eight to seventy two hours i think that there is a diabolical plot to stoke sectarian conflict as a cover for destabilizing syria then moving on to try to destroy hezbollah law and weaken the islamic republic of iran. and the latest leap of violence in syria comes as the u.s. top diplomat has arrived just now a few minutes ago to the russian capital with moscow and washington deeply polarized on any peace plan for the syrian standoff with the mission of secretary john kerry may become slightly more than challenging auntie's elected a chef he has the latest. u.s. state secretary john kerry is in moscow to seek russia's support in resolving the
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syrian conflict but experts are added dismay as to exactly how he is going to get that support given that the positions of moscow and washington on the syrian conflict have been fundamentally different just twenty four hours before john kerry landed in moscow all the spokesperson on the russian foreign ministry alexander said that russia has been concerned with the militarization of the syrian rebels by the western countries the u.s. have been expressing their regret all along that the syrian conflict has been going on for more than two years now with so many people dead at the same time the initiatives are which are now existing in washington wolf arming the syrian rebels and providing them with military training are creating something of a double standard situation in other particular point which will be discussed is the alleged use of chemical weapons by the government troops this is something of course russia is concerned yet again because from the russian standpoint it looks like the fact of the chemical weapons use it was not approved and it may be used as
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a pretext for a possible use of force in syria by the western forces by the u.s. in particular even despite that the investigation by the independent u.n. commission to just that that the chemical weapons were in fact used by the syrian rebels that this report is being ignored and this is causing serious concerns also the latest reports of israeli strikes into the syrian territory are creating tensions as well especially given the fact that israel does not want to comment on exactly why it's performing strikes into the syrian territory and. also expecting that john kerry will be discussing this with and lavrov will certainly deliver russia's stance on that on that issue to his u.s. counterpart. the same time israel is waging another offensive although this time it's a charm offensive in china and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is likely to secure lucrative trade deals and will be looking to convince the asian giant to cool its multibillion dollar relations with terror on but beijing's political favor is
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vested firmly with israel's arch rival that of palestine its leader mahmoud abbas was given full state on china's supporters you visited just a day before a meeting in the capital president xi jinping went to offer a four point peace plan calling for an end to the gaza blockade and the restoration of palestinian rights these policies we are now reports on the rush to the east the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas are currently in china they are there on a week long business trip but obviously they won't just be talking business they'll be talking politics and they'll be trying to further cooperate and entrenched relations in the fields of economy trade and science and also develop political trust for some time we have witnessed how china is trying to influence the middle east and play a bigger role in this part of the world if you look at israeli chinese relations in
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one thousand nine hundred two the two countries began and established diplomatic relations and since then they have developed increasingly close commercial military and strategic links trade between the two countries currently stands at around ten billion dollars a year their investments in israel are at the beginning i believe they have a number of reasons why the very slow by the don't invest in is the root. i think this think also in large political terms they think israel is an important country they want to have a foothold here. but we also noticed that china us china has always supported the arab side in the conflict at least burbling. the notice that in the last in the recent past they have become a maybe a little bit more hesitant. maybe they will get something back from the arab side what is particularly interesting when we look at the relationship between israel
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and china is that it seems to be coming on the back of a cooling of the relationship between israel and the united states there's no secret that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the american president barack obama do not like each other and obviously netanyahu is going to look around in the search for new partners one of whom could easily become china if you take note of how china is getting more and more powerful of how the world is becoming more multi-polar when it is clear that there is no room for ignoring a world power such as china if you look at the euro crisis where did countries go in terms of asking for help china if you look at the north korea crisis where did countries go they asked china for help now in the time yahoo is in china at a particularly sensitive time in terms of israeli syrian relations many people are asking why he did not cancel his trip to go there and in fact what role the recent syrian israeli flare up will have in terms of the agenda that is being addressed
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there china has always had a firm position toward syria and it is always been on the side of negotiations never did it support of bloodshed from either side of the conflict so it will be interesting to see what comes out of if anything israeli chinese discussions over the situation in syria. in tel aviv alters paula slayer there and while israel is under no illusion that it can persuade beijing to abandon palestine schools there are plenty of other opportunities for it that's according to professor steve trying the director of the china policy institute at the university of nottingham. if we can't have any illusion he would all be able to persuade all that. cvo all. in what the chinese government would be willing to sap and will be swayed a lot. just to watch. it
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in china or at the e.c. in homs but. this is. because the chinese have. to go to china. head off with and yet. the facts that chinese. that. know you are true east. china has been. good to put this team needs for decades. in the guantanamo bay hunger strike drugs into its ninety five day still to come here on the program we hear from the lawyers for the inmates about the failing health of the prison and why their clients feel they have no choice but to put their very lives on the line. peddling influence tourism is lifting the veil on how
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industry gets its way with government business. just as. wealthy british style is done it's time to. market why not. going to. find out what's really. happening to the global economy with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia. the
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future covered. all right to not far from the artsy world update here on the program for now though election violence in pakistan is forcing major candidates to give up life on the campaign trail just to survive the voting period they say being on the taliban's hit list doesn't exactly encourage actively pursuing votes since april eighty seven people have fallen victim to the taliban's bombings and mainly targeting the rallies of parties opposed to the movement the latest blast on monday killed some eighteen demonstrators less than
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a week before the vote and jeffrey senior fellow with the century foundation on international affairs you believe the ballot was rigged a long time before it even got off the ground. the secular parties for the moderate aren't used to losing their traditional share of the vote their candidates have been hit hard by in many of these attacks and it is believed that it is intimidating the awami national party's candidates they're having to call in their horns and go only to the safest places and that makes it harder to reach out to the kind of hands on very tactile contact with voters that tends to get you elected in an a place like pakistan well the most interesting thing about the attack is that it is directed by the pakistani taliban against one of the most vociferously pro islamised parties which might suggest the revolution is so-called eating its
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own yard but the taliban have justified this attack on those who had to be out. of the slum rally because the particular candidate had once upon a time been allowed with general musharraf who was of course by the end a bitter enemy of the taleban an activist and arguably helped insight. thanks for joining us here on r.t. former german find out. minister and key figure behind the introduction of the euro speaks out he says the currency is leaving the continent into disaster and he's calling for the euro to be ditched before germany is dragged into the economic abyss details on the web site r.t. dot com right now. also same faces same place different time thousands gather in a key protest square for the russian opposition as they mark a year since bolland clashes between police and the anti government movement the details online for you right.
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now to eleven twenty am here in the russian capital it is day ninety one of the guantanamo bay hunger strike with more than one hundred inmates refusing food all in protest of the treatment at the hands of the u.s. military a two dozen now being force fed a procedure that lawyers have described as plain brutal david remes who represents some seventeen guantanamo bay inmates see told us of their motivation and what it's costing. to or. as you would imagine the others who are. striking are weak find it difficult to focus and
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manage but it's difficult all of. a considerable amount. twenty forty five pounds and sixty pounds and it's really a horrifying situation and shouldn't have to do this to get the ten and ten of the american public in they shouldn't have to do this in order to cry out for their release the commander of the joint detention group whose eclectically the warden of the. prison for the detainees has refused to talk to them until they stop their congress strike i asked say that it's sort of a macho pose on its part is just not going to blink first he could have solved his hunger strike within three or four days if he had sat down with them and talked with them about their concerns and found a pragmatic solution that's what it's cracked it says here yet after three months he has not been willing to discuss the matter ever at all this rate i'm afraid that
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some men may die it because the military just isn't paying attention what it's trying to do is break the hunger strike by any means possible however little and hear it out see we've been following the strive from the very outset we've got the full timeline on our website for you there you can find out also just how much u.s. taxpayers are shelling out to keep guantanamo bay up and running you can also hear why the scandal riddled facility is still in business. today. these are the. four asians are.
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closing in on the world. walking from office to office when spring has sprung your idea of fun but inside the german capital. to explain how business. reports. between politics. on the streets of berlin there's a new form of tourism grabbing attention sightseeing tours that show just how the political lobbying process works. everyone gather around their big green i just want to make sure everyone can hear within a couple of kilometers we take in how an issue goes from the desk of the lobby organization to the ear of a politician and it's opening. i didn't know how powerful the industry is it's interesting to see how they go about pushing their agenda but why are these people giving up their saturday afternoon to traipse around closed office
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buildings it's a topic that you get much information on. easily and i thought also think it's a topic that's very abstract but we manage to. make it more concrete we give a lot of concrete examples on the door and we go to where the lobbyists are and i think that's what makes it attractive to take the tour and you going to see where germany's auto giants make their presence felt and how they made sure the country's highways famously have no speed limits and since this is germany of course the beer industry also has a say. brewery lobby were facing a drop off in sales so this is where they lobbied to be allowed lemonade tasting better to attract a younger crowd. people with money have more of a say in politics than the normal man in the street was what i'm seeing is that political decisions are made by the rich one of the most interesting parts of the
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tour is getting to see where the closed door meetings take place in highly selective private clubs these are clips. we all know these discussions take place this tour like to see just where they happened i had no idea that there was such a place as the china club but right here in the political center of the city the popularity of tours like the one we've just seen shows that more and more germans. i want to find out exactly who's pulling the strings behind some of the major decisions they get taken in parliament. and as promised into the world update now starting with a friend of one of the boston marathon bombing suspects who's accused of lying to f.b.i. investigators has now been released on bail a nineteen year old phillipos will have to wear a special electronic tracking tag and is confined to his home and u.s. authorities accuse him and two other teenagers of trying to hinder the investigation into the bombings that killed three and injured more than two hundred . a u.s.
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official has said north korea has removed two medium range missiles from its launch pads trying to ease tensions on the peninsula. has repeatedly been threatening to hit south korea japan and america's regional bases its warnings have come off for a new washington but set of sanctions was imposed on north korea by the united nations. police in the united states have found three women who we had around ten years ago now the softer one of them managed to escape from a house in cleveland and raise the alarm the trio are now recovering in hospital although their conditions described as fair one is said to have a baby and three brothers all in their fifty's have been arrested the girls were aged between fourteen and twenty when they mysteriously vanished and the families believe they were either dead or sold into slavery. already know just as see it's our very own a financial group max kaiser the kaiser afford all right just about all that.
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and yet another step along the pointless anti gender crusade activists in sweden are pushing to promote a new gender neutral pronoun these activists want the term hen to replace the pronouns han and haw on which mean he and she respectively i think the logic of these bizarre gender neutral movements in the e.u. is that they really feel that it's awful to force someone into a role that doesn't fit them you know i can kind of see this i remember back to when i was a boy in school and with me there was a kid what kind of only female friends and he certainly wasn't a sports a toy trucks kind of kid if you understand what i mean you know i could see this guy having all those male stereotypes shoved down his throat you know made his life at school really unpleasant but the wacko liberal answer to some tiny amount of
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people being pushed into gender roles they don't like is to force everyone else into a genderless world they don't like fantastic i guess gender neutrality advocates can speak swedish how they like and they're free to use this word hen but don't force everyone in the country to do things your way the overwhelming majority of the world is very happy with its gender thank you very much but that's just my opinion. emissions free cretaceous free in-store charges free. range chickens free. free stews free. food free books to feel sort. your media project freak medio don carty dot com. wealthy british sign. is no time to.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike scans or the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report on our. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser you know that feeling when you've blown your life savings of a carnival game you know you have to show for it is a stuff but now with dreadlocks they're used to it because there's no plan big it's only a trade your savings your wealth their earnings are going to stuff but that was dreadlocks
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stacey that's basically the global economy the global financial system of course now this guy in new hampshire man loses his life savings on carnival game is he was henry gribbohm and he lost his life savings of twenty six hundred dollars on this game where i guess he had to put this ball into a hole and he wanted to win a bigger prize but when he found is that when he practiced he says it was easy but something changed when he started playing for the price in the balls kept popping out it's not possible that it wasn't rigged said graham if you were observing the situation if you were in a situation where you saw it was a rich. go away or would you say hey i'm going to try to win my money back that i've just lost right well this is part of economics and behavioral economics and what wall street and other brokers and bankers prey on is on the fallibility of the human psyche that is prone to emotionally gay.


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